Korresha, thank you so much for presenting your workshop on " How to Let go of the past for good" it was very helpful for me personally and I shared what I got to others. I'm constantly letting go of effects of so many traumas from childhood and adulthood. Thank you for doing what you do! 


You are a blessing. You have guided me on my self journey, taught me about forgiveness & not taking everything so personally. I love that you are patient. it honestly feels like I'm talking to a good friend. Thank you for everything. 


Thank you for working with me. Your great energy and positivity is exactly what I need in my life right now and always. 


True life coaching healing, functional, life useful skills learned from Korresha. I recommend her to every soul not only in crisis but also in a space of peace because as I am coming to a more peaceful place, she laughs and shares how to stay there. She tells me how to cope, heal, grown and live beyond my pain. The TRUNK is a place she can teach  you about as she has taught me to use wisely to not hide but to know the difference in sectioning issues. Make an appointment and know already that you will get to a place of living peace!!!



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