This experience with one one-on-one coaching isn't for everyone. If so, everyone would be doing it. 


Apply only if:


- You are serious about your transformation and is wiling to do whatever it takes for you to have everything you in your life. That means no more excuses, no more holding back, and no more waiting until everything is perfect


- You want to learn from someone who knows what it means to vigorously go within to heal limiting beliefs, shift old underserving patterns, and heal from within. 


I offer 1, 2, 3 and 6 month packages that are guaranteed to get you from where you are to where you want to be. If you are serious about shifting your life and returning back to yourself, click the link below and let's get to work. 

4 sessions: $355

8 sessions  $880

12 sessions: $1260

24 sessions: $2400

One on One Coaching




In this 8-Week Self Healing Course, you will transform yourself by:


  1. Taking responsibility of your current sleep/wake-up routine

  2. Going deep in the way you have been showing up and creating NEW habits

  3. Changing your mindset around what you take in through your 5 senses

  4. Going deep within through meditation, mindfulness or prayer techniques

  5. Reconnecting back to yourself through nature

  6. Clearing emotional blockages by letting go of the past (2 weeks)

  7. Going to the core of LOVE and being willing to forgive


During the 8 weeks, this is what you can expect:

  • Max students is 12

  • Homework is provided after each class to help apply the class material

  • 8-Weeks of 24 hour access to Coach via text, email or web chat (

  • Weekly transformational quotes 

  • Recommend reads or videos 

  • Weekly motivational videos

  • As long as you do your work, you will step into your Higher Level Self


Price: $110 per person

Payment plans are available (see for acceptable forms of payment) 


Individual/Group Meditation


Group of 1-15, 20 min: $15 per person

Group of 16-30, 20 min: $20 per person


Some benefits of meditation:
1. Improve sleep
2. Reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety
3. Strengthen intuition
4. Reduce physical pain
5. Increase self-awareness
6. Increase consciousness 
7. May help fight addictions
8. May reduce Age-Related Memory loss

Transformational Speaker, Facilitate Workshops and Overnight Retreats 

>>> Contact me today for speaking engagements, workshops or retreats. Some of the topics I present but are not limited to are: “How to Heal from the Past for Good”, “How to Cultivate Self-Love,” “Healing Yourself Through Meditation”, “Who am I?”, “Spiritual Awakening: Ascension Symptoms”, “Depression and Anxiety: Heal yourself by Noticing.”

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