All Aboard!!! Journey Back to Your Self

The longest journey you'll ever take is the one back to your Self. After every long-term romantic relationship, the resounding, "I need time to find myself" rang between my two ears. It sounded great! In fact, it made me feel like I was accomplished, I was going somewhere; something was going to be different. Skiiiiiiiiiiid! Another love interest shows up on my journey and the cycle begins all over again. There was something different about this last time. It seemed like something Higher than I really wanted me to find myself. So, the journey begins.

One of the many insights that I've discovered along this ongoing trek "back to Self" is that who we truly are, was never lost. It has always been there. Did it forget? It's possible. Did it fall asleep? That's also possible. Not only are they possible, they are true. Well how the hell do we forget who we are? Great question! Let's explore that together.

When we entered into our physical world, we had everything we needed. All we knew was LOVE- the highest frequency of the Universe. We are love. Have you ever noticed the pure joy and love over the face of a baby when they are in loving nurturing environment? That is a gift that is afforded to all of us. Without placing blame, we will discuss how such purity fades and we find ourselves on the journey of self-discovery.

Unfortunately, we have all showed up on the steps of society, culture, education, religion, and other people's limiting perspectives. They all go by "the way it should be" code. We've all been conditioned by this code in some way. "You should be married by___________", "By the time you turn ____________ you should have your first home, "You must go to this church and practice this religious belief", "You need to go to college." One or more of these "should be codes" have come up for many of us. We agreed to play into these codes to some degree. The downside to this kind of playing was that we moved further away from our true self- further away from our purpose and how we were destined to experience this life of form. Let's consider the good news!

The good news is that we can all return back to our true self. Inside of your physical form is your true self- your pureness of Love. How do we return back there? First, do everything from a place of love. Two, go within and start asking questions as if you are a toddler. You know the questions "why this, why that." When you go within genuinely asking those questions, the Higher version of whom you are will answer them. We must start getting curious again. Three, be willing to let go of any "should be" conditioning that you have experienced along the way. Holding on to them will keep you in a place of resistance and holding on to useless limiting beliefs about yourself.

Photo by Paul on Unsplash

So, get quiet. Get curious. Get onboard the journey back to your Self!

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